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Warehouse & Distribution

At D-Home, you can focus on selling your product and growing your business. It can seem challenging with your third-party warehousing, distribution, storage needs. But we are here to help consult and aid you with both the transition and decision.

We can accommodate a wide range of storage, warehousing and distribution needs including:

  • Deconsolidation of sophisticated cargo

Customized sorting, labelling and repacking of the product is provided to satisfy your retailing needs with different delivery targets and schedules.

  • Cross-dock and Transloading

​Eliminate the storage aspect of the distribution and logistics process, as your product never moves into the warehouse any further than the staging area of our facilities.

  • Pick & Pack Services

Tailored pick & pack scenarios to meet your requirements. Your product will present to the final customer with your designed way.

  • Short or long term warehousing services

Understand your seasonal shifts in storage needs. Flexible and reasonable short or long term storage solutions allow you to sell with confidence.

Our customers can also use our web portal tool to view their product in real time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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